Counseling is one of the oldest human traditions in which a person can begin to encounter who they are and to heal through the honest and seeing eyes of another.

I offer my clients deep empathy, kindness, and curiosity for and about their lives. I hold space for others. I make room for feeling. I am authentically invested in you and your process. I believe that each person is the highest authority on their own life and that a counselor can act as a mirror for the client to see themselves more clearly. I am grateful for the opportunity to assist my clients in their healing and consider it a privilege to do this work.

My practice is informed by a strong set of social justice values; access to counseling is one of the cornerstone issues in the dismantling of white supremacy and its oppressive systems. 

I am located in Portland, Oregon. I hold a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Lewis & Clark College and am currently training in the Hakomi / M.E.T.A. method.

In addition to being a counselor, I am an artist. I teach writing and poetry at non-profits and universities in the area. Poetry, art, and concerns of human expression and artistic freedom are primary for me.